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Three Shanghai leading publishers and book stores merged to 生活·讀書·新知三聯書店 at Hong Kong in 1948. Now, three independent Joint Publishing company are exist and used one logo but is not associated with each other:

Shenghuo Book Store original logo 1932

生活書店 original logo 1932

Joint Publishing logo wordmark

Joint Publishing (Chinese: 三聯書店) is a book store chain and publisher based in Hong Kong, is now a subsidiary company of Sino United Publishing Holding.

SDX Joint Publishing logo

SDX sanlian logo

SDX Joint Publishing (生活·讀書·新知三聯書店) based in Beijing ,is now owned by China Publishing Group.

Shanghai joint Publishing logo

Shanghai Joint Publishing (上海三聯書店) were found in 1986, is now is part of Shanghai United Media Group.


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