• ATV logo
    14 Sep

    aTV logo

    Media logo

    Founded in 1957, aTV (Asia Television Limited 亞洲電視) is one of the two terrestrial television ...

  • Sky-logo-VenueLanding
    06 Aug

    Sky logo

    Media logo

    Sky is a British satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephone services company formed in 1990 by ...

  • Phoenix TV logo
    29 Jul

    Phoenix TV logo

    Media logo

    The Phoenix logo original concept was proposed by Liu Changle, the Chairman and CEO of ...

  • Mindshare-logo-circle
    28 Jun

    Mindshare logo

    Media logo

    Mindshare is a global media and marketing services company created in 1997 through the merger ...

  • E! Logo_Black
    28 May

    E! Entertainment logo

    Media logo

    E! (E! Entertainment Television) is an American television channel originally launched on 1987 by Larry ...

  • CNN logo
    16 May

    CNN logo

    Media logo

    CNN (Cable News Network) is an American television channel that is division of Time Warner. ...

  • Volvo logo 2014
    30 Aug

    Volvo logo

    Auto logo

    The Volvo logo is an ancient chemistry sign for iron. The newest Volvo logo was ...

  • Subaru-logo
    10 Aug

    Subaru logo

    Auto logo

    The Subaru logo is the portrayal of its name. Kenji Kita, CEO of Fuji Heavy ...

  • Spyker Cars logo
    07 Aug

    Spyker logo

    Auto logo

    The Spyker logo displays a vintage airplane propeller that refers the historic Spyker company which ...

  • Smart-logo
    06 Aug

    Smart logo

    Auto logo

    The Smart logo incorporating the letter “c” for “compact” and an arrow for “forward thinking”. ...

15 Sep

Austrian Airlines logo

Airlines logo

Austrian Airlines is the flag carrier of Austria and formed in 1957, is now a ...

11 Sep

China Eastern logo

Airlines logo

The new China Eastern logo was designed by Zhengbang in 2014. Established in 1988, China ...

02 Sep

Air Canada logo

Airlines logo

Founded in 1936, Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline of Canada, and ...

27 Aug

Icelandair logo

Airlines logo

Icelandair is the main airline of Iceland its history can traces back to 1937, when ...

12 Aug

TAP Portugal logo

Airlines logo

The company had changed its name to TAP Air Portugal in 1979, then dropped again ...

11 Aug

Swiss Airlines logo

Airlines logo

The current Swiss Airlines logo was announced in 2011, resembling the logo of the defunct ...

07 Aug

Star Alliance logo

Airlines logo

The Star Alliance logo represent the five founding airlines. Timeless classic simple design. The Star ...

05 Aug

Singapore Airlines logo

Airlines logo

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of Singapore and began on 1 May 1947.

12 Jun

Lufthansa logo

Airlines logo

Lufthansa is the flag carrier of Germany and founded in 1926, is now the largest ...

24 May

Emirates logo

Airlines logo

Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East formed in 1985, based in Dubai, ...